MPE Prepress Information

The following information is universal and applies to any Service Bureau or Prepress. To ensure that your project is completed correctly, on time and within budget, we are providing you with basic guidelines for file submission. Please consider this information as important and crucial for the proper output of your files.

Computer Operating System and Media
The following operating systems and submission formats are accepted:
PC· MAC · CD/DVD · PDF via Email · Photoshop · InDesign · FTP (Include web address, login and password)

Recommended Software Applications
We accept all Adobe Creative Suite Files, Quark Files and Microsoft Word Documents for both PC and MAC. The native files with all fonts and graphics included are preferred, but properly made PDF files (we recommend PDF/X 1a file) are also acceptable.

Always send all the fonts you used on a job bundled with the files for output. Many programs include a "Collect for Output" feature that create a folder for you with all the elements you used that are necessary for the printer to output your job properly. When creating a pdf, use option to embed all fonts.

Files must be provided as grayscale (for black only jobs) or CMYK. RGB files must be converted to CMYK for printing. If a file has spot colors they must be specified as PMS (Pantone) colors, such as PMS 185 Red.

Please Download the Prepress File/Disk Submission worksheet. Complete the worksheet and return it with the submitted project files. Click Here to Download the Submission Worksheet.
This worksheet is REQUIRED for the completion of your project.

Prepress Contact Information
For additional questions or assistance please contact our Prepress Department

Prepress Department
Phone - 815-748-3676
Fax - 815-756-1711
Email -